About me

Hi, i’m an iOS and .NET developer at NEOGOV Viet Nam. Before becoming an iOS developer one year ago, i’ve been working in software development for nearly 7 years since i graduated from University of Technology early 2009. Before joining NEOGOV,  i had worked at 3 other companies:

FPT Software – 1.5 year – .NET Developer

Aperia Solution – 4 years – .NET Team Lead

Harvey Nash – 1 year – .NET Team Lead

Why did i choose becoming a mobile developer?


This is data at the time i write this post but it was pretty much the same one year ago. The chart illustrates that in US, 57% of total Internet audience is through Smartphone out of which 50% is app only. A lot companies now provide both mobile and web platforms to their users.

As a experienced software developer, i might have to provide solutions for my clients in the near future and consult them about multiple platforms like web and mobile. Of course, i’m curious about how to develop real mobile apps, especially iOS apps. That’s why i accepted the challenge to become iOS developer one year ago.

Why i write this blog?

This is a way for me to keep track what i’m have been researched so that i can refer in the future. It’s also useful for someone who want to be an iOS developer. In addition, writing blogs helps me to improve my writing skill.

If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something, teach it. – Yogi Bhajan